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in this section we have selected for you the Top 10 activities on Mallorca. Brush through them and find out what is most suitable for you. Mallorca offers a wide range of possibilites. Meet Mallorca !

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Aquarium

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Aquarium

Palma Aquarium is much more than an aquarium; it is a spectacular Marine Park that faithfully recreates the habitats and ecosystems of the world’s seas and oceans. Located in the heart of Playa de Palma, on the island of Mallorca, it has become a benchmark for tourism in the Balearic Islands.

Palma Aquarium belongs to the Coral World International group (CWI), a world leader specialising in the creation of marine parks, with over 30 years of professional experience in the development of aquariums. CWI’s marine parks are renowned for being the most beautiful in the world. At present, the group comprises four aquariums: Palma Aquarium in Palma de Mallorca, Europe; Maui Ocean Center in Hawaii, United States; The Underwater Observatory in the Red Sea and The Aquarium of Western Australia in Perth, Australia.

Visit Palma Aquarium and enjoy a voyage of discovery through time and across the oceans in just one day

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Auditorium

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Auditorium

The conference Centre arises from the seafront promenade, right on the sea, and is surrounded by the best hotels in the city. It houses nine halls and meeting rooms, two of which (the Magna and Mozart Halls) have a theatre structure and can be used as support for the holding of conventions and conferences, as well as a base for the scenic arts that are also programmed here.

There is also an area permanently reserved for the exhibition of postres, another area (Mediterranean) where the presidency is located, the press hall, sevretary and VIP room for the conferences, different vestibules and foyers where the stands are placed and bars. The total built surface area equals 11.000m2.

The strategic location of the building is unbeatable, because it is in the centre of the city. On the same road that links the motorways that connect the eastern and western parts of the island , only 10 minutes from the airport.

From all heights, the views are spectacular. Looking to the left, the canvas is cut through by the walls that are crowned by the Palace of the Almudaina and the Catedral, the Llonja and the Consolat de Mar. In the middle are the Nautical Club and the Moll Vell. On the right, the Sea Club and the dock of Porto Pí.The sea offers itself like and immense lake that two ribbons of land are trying to close, with the Island of Cabrera barely perceptible in the far distance, the smallest of the Archipelago.

The Palma de Majorca Auditórium is the first building with these characteristics that has been built in Spain: optimal visibility and acoustics, comfort and functionality.

The Palma Auditórium makes a permanent effort to adapt its lighting , sound and projection equipament to the newest and lartest technology. It also has a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in all types of events.

The most Tickets you can buy directly or over

Paseo Maritimo 18
Localidad: Palma de Mallorca
Tlfn: 0034902332211

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Balloons

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Balloons

The excursion is offered all year round and is the original outing since 1989. The recommended flights are in the morning and from the Balloon Airport, the first one on the country authorized by the Civil Aviation. You will spend a whole morning or afternoon with us. Already at the beginning you will be able to enjoy a coffee at the bar of the Balloon Airport, a balloon video in the room and some explanations from the pilots, who will share with you their passion for Ballooning as if was their first day. The flight lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The whole excursion lasts between 4 and 5 hours.
The excursion begins at dawn. With the sunrise everybody meets at the Balloon Airport in Manacor to measure the wind and to decide the place to take off. has eight balloons with different capacitys and several vans to offer a much wider, where large groups are not a problem.

Carrer d'Antoni Gaudí, 55
Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares
971 59 69 69

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Cuevas del Drac

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Cuevas del Drac

Located on Mallorca's east coast the caves are without doubt one of the island's most outstanding tourist attractions, extending for almost 2,400 metres and including internal heights of 25 metres above the cave floor.

Hidden within the caves is Lake Martel, considered to be one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world, (177 metres long and 230 metres wide) on which there are daily performances of classical music featuring pieces by Caballero, Chopin, Offenbach, ...

After the concert one can take a short boat trip on the lake. The unequalled beauty of the caves is further enhanced by the lightning planned and set in place by the engineer Carlos Buigas.

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Marineland

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Marineland

Marineland is the first and most famous Marine Park Spain, with 40 years of experience.

Marineland is a great place for family entertainment which has one of the best shows of dolphins in the world. These fantastic dolphins delight young and old with her ​​water exercises and games. We can also find the Sea Lion show and the Pirate Adventure show with our fantastic and colorful Parrots and Sharks, penguins, flamingos, Rays and Turtles. Not to mention two full AVIARIOS with birds from five continents, the "MINI PARK" with a smaller pool, cafe with direct beach access.

Throughout these 40 years Marineland has been and remains a landmark in Mallorca. An ideal place to spend a full day with the family.

Address: C/Garcilaso de la Vega 9
Localidad: Calvia
Tlfn: 0034971675125

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Segway

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Segway

With one of our expert tour guides leading the way, you are sure to have a blast on your Segway tour around Palma. Our expert Segway Baleares tour guides will teach you to ride your Segway before the tours begins. With a little practice, the Segway feels like an extension of your body. It is easy to learn because it does the balancing for you. You do not need any special skills or even good balance. Eco-friendly, intuitive and fun. So simple that everyone can take, join us to make a path, you will repeat...

Jaume Ferrer, 7
Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares
971 72 30 65

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Son Amar

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca Son Amar

Hidden within the walls of this beautiful 16th Century manor house is the Magnificent ‘Sala Magna’ home to Mallorca’s famous dinner show. Son Amar proudly presents an exceptional and rare variety show for you to enjoy this summer and to remember forever. Memories are made of this!

Rock The World opens our eyes and hearts to the multicultural world of music and dance, with displays from Latin America, Indian Bollywood, the Irish Celtic dancing, the Spanish ballet , the pure and true Flamenco and finally to the present day on the world stage , with a music and dance style that exemplified why Michael Jackson is called ‘The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived’. Michael, and in his earlier days with the Jackson 5, created songs that all cultures know and love all over the world. We’ll find it just too irresistible not to tap our feet and dance and sing along to these wonderful scenes that are in celebration of his genius.

And so Son Amar’s accomplished Sounds of Soul resident band begins an amazing evening of live music and entertainment. They accompany the island’s favorite soul singer Arthur Hensen as you take your seats and your meal begins with an assortment of appetizers during this pre-show time.

The show begins! Immerse your senses in our new and stunning symphony of lights, laser and music.

True to Son Amar style our Grand Opening will take you immediately to the heart of the evening with a lightening fast display from the amazing man of magic, Miguel Gavilan, accompanied by the Son Amar Dance Factory with their unique treatment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, choreographed by the highly talented Russian choreographer, Liubov Khelben.

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca wine tour

Mallorca Top 10 Activties Mallorca wine tour

A wine tour in wich we will visit the wineries and their vineyards. The clients will receive a complete explanation of the complex procedure involved in the production of wine, from the planting of the vines to the final bottling. We will taste the best wines and the most typical food as well, if one desires.

Tel. 653 528 659

Mallorca Top 10 Nightlife Guide

Mallorca Top 10 Nightlife Guide is your premier resource for seeking an insider’s perspective to Mallorcas nightlife. We offer top-rated recommendations and up-to-date information on Mallorca`s nightlife like restaurants events, bars, night clubs, lounges and beachclubs.  We provide daily event updates on our daily and weekly Mallorca event-calender. We partner with local promoters, nightlife enthusiasts, and the main hotspots  on Mallorca in order to provide fresh insider information. You can search many of our hotspots by various categories leaving you more time and energy to plan your unique Mallorca nightlife experience.

Mallorca Top 10 Yacht Charter

Mallorca Top 10 Yacht Charter

Explore the underwater world of the Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.
We rent powerboats and sailboats (with or without a skipper) in various sizes, day or week.