Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago
The resort of Cala Mondrago is situated approximately 8 kilometres south of Cala d'Or on the south eastern coast of Majorca.
The beach in Cala Mondrago is officially known as Caló de n’Alis but usually referred to as Cala Mondrago.
Cala Mondrago is a lovely sandy beach, which is flanked by two rocky headlands. The seawater has a beautiful shade of light blue and is crystal clear.
Despite the isolation of the resort, the beach can still become quite busy during summer weekends. If too busy, you can head for the neighbouring beach of s'Amarador, only a 400 metres walk along the beautiful coastline.
You can leave your car for free on a parking area close to the beach.
Child friendly This beach is good for families with children. Fine white sand and shallow water. If more space for playing is required, then try close by s'Amarador.
Water sports Only pedal boats, but the sea is perfect for snorkelling.
Beach restaurants There are two restaurants and two beach bars on the beach.
Cala Mondrago resort Cala Mondrago is a secluded and small resort with only a few hotels and it is highly unlikely that Cala Mondrago will ever grow larger.
In 1992 much of the area around Cala Mondrago was declared a Natural Park, thus affording it special protection.