Top 10 Beaches

More than 120 beaches and bays are located on the coast of Majorca, every beach has a charm of its own. Our top 10 beach helps you to find your own personal dream beach.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Dor

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Dor

Cala Dor
Cala d'Or means 'the golden bay' - and that is truly correct when it comes to Cala d'Or on the east coast of Mallorca.
The beaches in general Cala d’Or has five beautiful beaches. Cala Gran is the largest, but being 40 metres wide and 100 metres deep it is not a large beach. The beaches in Cala d'Or are:
    •    Cala d’Or
    •    Cala Gran
    •    Cala Esmeralda
    •    Cala Ferrera
    •    Cala Serena
All of them are small but fantastic beaches located deep within small coves. The sand is fine and the water crystal clear.
The beaches can be very crowded during the summer.
Child friendly During July/August limited space for playing. Otherwise the beaches are very good for children.
Water sports   It is possible to rent pedal boats at Cala Gran and Cala Ferrera. Rent of windsurfing equipment nearby at Cala Esmeralda. Diving from Cala Ferrera.
Very good snorkeling conditions along the cliffs. Crystal clear water and lots of colourful fish!
Beach restaurants Restaurants at Cala Ferrera. Beach bars at Cala d'Or and Cala Gran.
The resort Cala d'Or Cala d'Or is popular, picturesque resort with white low-rise buildings, also known as Ibiza style architecture.
Cala d'Or is generally a quiet resort, perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday with or without children. The resort offers a wide range of excellent restaurants and boutiques in the beautiful city centre.
Tripadvisor users consider the family-friendly Inturotel Esmeralda Park as one of the very best hotels in Cala d'Or. The hotel offers free kid's club, children's pool and on site spa services.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Falco

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Falco

Cala Falco
Cala Falco is situated on the southwest coast of Mallorca about 6-7 kilometres south of Magaluf.
The beach in general Cala Falco is a little gem. The beach is situated deep inside a bay with no hotels or likewise in the surroundings.
The beach is some 40 metres long but on the other hand very wide. There are low cliffs with trees on the top on both sides of the water.
The water is crystal clear, shallow and has the most beautiful turquoise colours. Perfect!
Even if it is a little beach and a very nice one it is seldom to crowded.
It is possible to hire sunbeds and parasols. Parking close to the beach costs a few Euros but the car can parked for free about 200 metres from the beach.
Child friendliness Cala Falco is little and has limited space for playing but the water is very shallow. Perfect for small children.
Cap Falco Beach There is a new beach restaurant with refreshments and a nice selection of dishes.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Mondrago

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago
The resort of Cala Mondrago is situated approximately 8 kilometres south of Cala d'Or on the south eastern coast of Majorca.
The beach in Cala Mondrago is officially known as Caló de n’Alis but usually referred to as Cala Mondrago.
Cala Mondrago is a lovely sandy beach, which is flanked by two rocky headlands. The seawater has a beautiful shade of light blue and is crystal clear.
Despite the isolation of the resort, the beach can still become quite busy during summer weekends. If too busy, you can head for the neighbouring beach of s'Amarador, only a 400 metres walk along the beautiful coastline.
You can leave your car for free on a parking area close to the beach.
Child friendly This beach is good for families with children. Fine white sand and shallow water. If more space for playing is required, then try close by s'Amarador.
Water sports Only pedal boats, but the sea is perfect for snorkelling.
Beach restaurants There are two restaurants and two beach bars on the beach.
Cala Mondrago resort Cala Mondrago is a secluded and small resort with only a few hotels and it is highly unlikely that Cala Mondrago will ever grow larger.
In 1992 much of the area around Cala Mondrago was declared a Natural Park, thus affording it special protection.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Sa Nau

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau
Cala Sa Nau is situated on the east coast of Mallorca, close to Porto Colom and Cala d'Or.
Cala Sa Nau is a unspoilt beach situated deep inside a S-shaped cove. The picturesque beach is surrounded by low cliffs and pines.
The beach is 40-50 metres long and 70 metres wide. The sand is very fine and white. The water has a beautiful shade of light blue and is crystal clear.
Sun loungers and parasols can be rented for a fee. Cala Sa Nau also offers an open air beach bar.
Parking is possible along the street or at the open air car park.
The beach slopes gently into the sea and the children usually finds plenty of space for playing in the sand.Very good snorkelling conditions, especially along the cliffs.
Beach restaurants Cala Sa Nau offers an open air beach bar and café.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Torta

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Cala Torta

Cala Torta
Cala Torta is situated in the north east of Mallorca, a little north of the historical village Arta.
The route to Cala Torta is well signposted but the last two kilometres is a gravel road in very poor condition, but the beach is worth the while.
Cala Torta is a large sandy beach surrounded by low mountain sides. The sand is very fine.
The turquoise colored water is crystal clear but unfortunately not shallow.
It is recommended to watch the weather forecast before driving to Cala Torta as the beach is very exposed to wind blowing from the north and north-east.
The beach is quite crowded with tourists as well as locals. Nudism is allowed.
Child friendliness Cala Torta offers a lot of space for playing but the sea is by far not shallow, hence not very child friendly.The conditions for snokelling are good along the cliffs in the sea.
There is a small café and beach bar directly on the beach.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Es Trenc

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Es Trenc

Es Trenc
Es Trenc is the most famous beach in Mallorca. Also, it is the last large beach in Mallorca which is still unspoilt and well preserved.
The beach in general Es Trenc boasts one of the best beaches on Mallorca.
The beach is more than two kilometres of fine-grained white sand, crystal clear and clean water with a gentle slope.
The beach is tremendously popular all through the summer, especially in the weekends.
Es Trenc is also very popular with naturists as it is one of Mallorcas official nudist beaches.
Child friendly Es Trenc beach is very good for children. Fine white sand, gently slope and very shallow water.
Water sports   None.
Beach restaurants A few restaurants and bars along the beach.


Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Palma Nova

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Palma Nova

Palma Nova
Palma Nova is situated on the south west coast of Mallorca within walking distance of neighbouring city Magaluf.
The main difference between Palma Nova and Magaluf is, that Palma Nova is much more family orientated. Both are very popular with British families.
The beaches in general Palma Nova has three beaches. The main beach Playa de Son Maties has a length of 1200 metres, Cala Blanca 1000 metres and Es Carregador 600 metres.
All three beaches have fine white sand and clear blue water.
Beach services include sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and toilets. All three beaches have a ramp for disabled.
Child friendly All three beaches are child friendly. Gentle slope and fairly shallow water.
Water sports The beaches in Palma Nova offers a wide range of water sports. The best selection is found on Cala Blanca.
Beach restaurants Many restaurants and bars along the wide promenade 'Passage de la Mar' that connects all three beaches in Palma Nova.
The city behind the beach Palma Nova is one of the first purpose-built tourist destinations in Mallorca and is a good destination for a family holiday.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Portlas Vells

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Portlas Vells

Portlas Vells
The small village of Portals Vells is located in the south-western part of Mallorca.
The beach in general Portals Vells I is the main beach in Portals Vells with the other being Platja del Mago (Portals Vells II) and Playa del Rey (Portals Vells III).
Portals Vells I is the largest of the three. The beach has fine-grained sand and is surrounded by pines. The water is crystal clear and usually calm.
Being one of the more relaxed beaches, Portals Vells I is popular among the locals, especially in the weekends.
Facilities include loungers, parasols and toilets. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs towards Portals Vells. The car can be left for free in the surroundings.
Child friendliness The water is quite shallow and usaually calm.
Water sports The conditions for snorkelling are good.
Beach restaurants You will find a large restaurant on the left hand side of the beach.
The resort of Portal Vells Portal Vells is a very small village with less than 50 permanent residents and no hotels.

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Sant Elm

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Sant Elm

Sant Elm

Sant Elm is a small resort on the west coast of Mallorca, that faces the small island Es Pantaleu and the larger island Sa Dragonera.
The drive to Sant Elm is through twisting roads in a scenic landscape. On the way to Sant Elm the charming little village of Andratx is worth a stop.
The beach The 130 metres long beach in Sant Elm has two names: Platja de Sant Elm or Es Geperut.
The beach consists of two beaches. The larger one has fine grained sand, many sun loungers and a playground. Obviously the most crowded of the two beaches.
The smaller beach has part sand and part gravel. There is a few sun loungers but this part of the beach is the quiet one.
The water is very clear.
Behind the larger beach you will find two parking areas. Parking in the closest one cost 3 Euro while parking is for free at the other one (200 metres from the beach).  
Child-friendliness The sea is fairly shallow and there is a playground behind the large beach. All in all a child-friendly beach.
Water sports Pedal boats for hire. The good swimmers can snorkel by the small island Es Pantaleu.
Beach restaurants There is a restaurant in a hotel next to the beach. Additionally, you will find several restaurants/cafés in the pedestrian street very close to the beach.
The resort Sant Elm The former fishing village Sant Elm has only about 500 inhabitants.


Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Santa Ponsa

Mallorca Top 10 Beaches Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa
Santa Ponsa (or Santa Ponça) is located 20 kilometres west of Palma de Mallorca. Close to Magaluf and Palma Nova.
Santa Ponsa is mainly family orientated and has many British visitors.
Santa Ponsa beach in general The beach of Santa Ponsa is sandy and the water is clear. The pine trees offers pleasant shadow during the hottest hours.
The threes are also very popular among some beautiful (but quite noisy) green birds.
The beach is crowded in the summer months but you can always find a good space for your towels.
Parking is possible at a free car park or in the streets behind the beach.
Child friendly The beach is good for kids. Fairly shallow water and lot of space for playing.
Water sports The most kinds of water sports.
Beach restaurants Many restaurants and bars close to the beach.
Santa Ponsa resort Santa Ponsa is a large resort with all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars.
In Magaluf, which is close to Santa Ponsa, you find the very popular 'Western Water Park' and the great 'Pirates Show' with acrobatics, gymnastics and dancing. Both worth visiting.