Our Services to the seller


The real value for you.


We know the property market inside-out. And we have a good eye on the development and trends. We will help you get a professional, realistic valuation for your property. After all you want get the best value out of your property and that will allow you to sell within an appropriate time span.


Looking good.

A house should be presented in the most homely way. We are happy to advice you on how to stage your house in the most representative way to your potential client. .


Meet the market.

We have a vast background in marketing and will ensure your property is positioned, featured and marketed in the most efficient way, by national and international press, social media and on/offline platforms. We are using professional photographers and copywriters to positioning your property in the ultimate angle.



Quality not quantity.

We avoid property tourism as we know there is a lot of waist in speaking broadly - but to the wrong target group. What we need is to find the ONE right contact. And we strive to take up that challenge. Through our small, handpicked portfolio, we offer a very personal service to both, the owners as well as the seekers. We will find that contact guaranteed.