Our Service to the Buyers




We have not only grown up here but gained professional experience in the national and international property market for over 17 years. Both has given us fundamental knowledge about what's on offer.


Quality not quantity.

We specialize in the extraordinary and rather limit our selection to properties that have the "special something". This selection you find on our homepage. However it is our mission to find your perfect match. And as we know a vast amount of owners on the island, we have more on offer which we happily present to you at anytime.


What goes on tour, stays on tour.

We know how important discretion is. Especially, on a small island like Mallorca. We will treat you and your information with the utmost of respect. No need to say more.


We stick to the process.

There are do's and don't when interested in the house. And the process of acquiring a property starts with a reasonable offer, and ends with a signature. We won't move from your side during that time and will help you feel looked after throughout. We do not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.



We make your property your home.

A move is so much more than buying a property. We have contact to all areas of lifestyle. We are happy to help you get settled and feel familiar with the infrastructure this island has to offer.