About us

Mallorca has been a home to us for many years. That brings a lot of understanding for the do and dont’s, the specific local way of doing things around here, and naturally we know this island inside-/out.

We have been gathering a deep knowledge of the property market on this island by partnering with (and working for) many of the “big names” within the market.

17 years have taught us what is fundamental – but it has also shown us what needs improvement.

Bigger vessels just don’t move as fast as smaller speedboats. And customer service is best experienced when personally cared for.

Aiming high? Perfect. We do too.

With MallorcaTop10 we aim to introduce only the top 10 properties on this island. We are not talking price but quality as we hand pick properties where each one has a specific feature that makes it truly outstanding. We aim to get to know the sellers and the houses very well before we decide they will make it into our Top10 offer.

As a potential buyer we would like to get to know you better; we do not want to bore you with offers that not fully cover your ideas. We do not believe in pre- written questionnaires. We believe in the effective outcome of a deeper conversation about your expectations and needs. And then we go and seek. So even if you don’t find your Top Property immediately we aim to find the right one for you.

Timo Willmann
Christian Osterkamp